Fabricate a custom-made orthotic exactly matching an individual’s feet that will exceed your expectations.


iScan RX — we can process your digital scan

The iScan is a revolutionary 3D scanning technology that provides accurate and efficient solutions for practitioners that focus on cost-effectiveness. The iScan 3D scanning technology offers an excellent way to capture a patient’s feet for making a custom orthotic device. The advantage of the iScan is not just the revolutionary design but the behind-the-scenes manufacturing of orthotics from the 3D scans. At New Step Orthotic Lab, Inc. we can manufacture functional bio-mechanical devices and true total contact accommodative orthotics that accurately match a patient’s feet.


  • Takes multiple pictures of shoes, insoles, old orthotics, or patients’ feet
  • Scans old orthotics, impression foam, slipper casts, or patients’ feet
  • The lightweight, portable design allows the practitioner to scan virtually anywhere
  • The simple design makes the scanner easy to use
  • Available for ankle foot orthotics and custom orthotics
  • We do not sell or offer support for the iScan Rx