Fabricate a custom-made orthotic exactly matching an individual’s feet that will exceed your expectations.


Heat Mold

  • Heat moldable and Reheat formable
  • 1.3mm 3/4 Semi-Rigid Arch Support with a 12 mm heel cup
  • Ideal for dispensing right out of the package
  • A thin profile allows it to fit in any shoe


  • Heat  moldable
  • Available in Soft, Medium, Firm, and Cork
  • Slight Met Raise

Flat Dress

  • Heat Moldable
  • Thin and narrow
  • Ideal for women’s dress shoes

Posted Classic

  • Full length padding
  • Posted heel post
  • Can be trimmed ½ length or ¾ length
  • Ease of fit in shoes

Cloud Walker

  • Perfect for fat pad atrophy, arthritis, cushioning, and IPK relief.
  • The base layer is a high-impact urethane and medical grade poron on the top layer.
  • Ultra Soft


  • Superior cushion and support
  • Neoprene top cover
  • Eva Bottom cover


  • Design based on custom arch support shape
  • Thin profile
  • Plastic shell
  • Full-length Neoprene cushion