Fabricate a custom-made orthotic exactly matching an individual’s feet that will exceed your expectations.


Trilam Blue

3 layers of EVA cushion. Arch fill of your choice.


3/16″ moldable top cover. Arch fill of your choice.*

*May choose a thinner top cover.

Trilam Pink

Soft P-Cell Plastazote top cover with cushion. Arch fill of your choice.

Custom Style

Practitioners may choose specific materials if needed.
*Please specify a selection of custom materials on the order form.
**Standard pricing does not apply.

Arch Fill

Cork: This is the most common cork in the orthopedic market. It is firm enough that it will hold up for heavier patients, yet light enough that it will not break down.

EVA: This material is ideal for patients that need medium support and moldable orthotics.

Black Zote: Ultra light-weight material but extremely firm support. Ideal for the patient that needs moldability and firm support.

XPE: Medium to firm support. This is a lightweight material that is designed to provide firm but soft support.

White Zote: This is a very soft and lightweight material. Perfect for the patient that needs soft and moldable orthotic support.

BirkOcork: This is the firmest arch fill. This is the original Birkenstock cork. This cork is known to last for years. Birkenstock cork works for heavy patients or patients that can tolerate rigid support.


EFM: Extra firm material. We use a 1/8″ 80 durometer EVA between the top cover and arch fill. This adds more support to the orthotic.

THK: This plastic material inserted between the top cover and arch fill used to provide rigid multi-density device.